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Gdm about us page

Gagan Deep Makkad

Gagan Deep Makkad is an Entrepreneur, Investor and a Sustainability Consultant.
He is the Founder & CEO of Upfuse Network, a modern-day Management Consulting Company and an Investor in Media Solace, EcoTurtles Exploration and Sparsh while still being in his 20s.

Gdm about us page

After being a Productivity and Sustainability consultant to some of the most prestigious state institutions from a young age, he now passionately works on spreading awareness about Sustainable Development Models for Personal and Organisational growth through his projects SproutOut and Upfuse Growth.

When not in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, he is an avid Urban Farmer and practices Subsistence Farming. He’s a firm believer of Holistic Development and ardently practices a balance between People, Planet and Profit.

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Join me on this Journey to Explore Sustainable Success.

Join me on this Journey to Explore Sustainable Success.