How Marketers can Adapt to COVID ’19 Pandemic

With no signs of the COVID’19 pandemic being vaccinated against, new laws have been put in motion, safety measures that are being taken by the Government as well as Private Companies and changes being made in the market every day. This situation of the economy and the world is unprecedented and as we move into the new normal, it is essential that all businesspeople adapt to face these challenges.

The field of marketing will require a lot of adaptations to swiftly move into the new normal and save their business. Here are a few things marketers need to keep in mind to steer their adaptation techniques to excel in this economic condition.

1. New Consumer Behaviours

With the start of this pandemic, more and more consumers started staying indoors and working from home. This led to a huge influx of demand online as consumers now started to spend more time online on different platforms. As this crisis unfolded, the consequences included new customer behaviours and trends that needed keeping up with. 

Today, as we accept the post-Corona world of social distancing, staying on top of this data is crucial to market products in the most efficient manner possible. It is also of utmost significance to develop new insights which when studied closely will help in deriving new marketing strategies. As these strategies are based on these crucial analytics, they are bound to address the marketing needs of clients better. 

Shifting a primary focus to digital marketing as well as e-commerce practices will help in adapting to a better way of marketing and ensuring a wider reach. It would also lead to tapping into a newer market where the customer is present. Sticking to traditional forms of marketing such as newspapers and billboards might not be as effective as digital marketing in the new normal. 

2. Where to find your Audience

If your client is one that can benefit from a surge in online customers, it is important to understand how to reach more of their target demographic and through which medium? For a demographic that ranges from 18-24, it is essential to understand that they are likely to spend more time on Instagram and YouTube, whereas for people above the age of 30 tend to be more in tune with platforms like Facebook.

Your target audience can also be divided into psychographics. This term is used to divide people on the base of their interests or careers. For instance, to target a consumer base of job seekers, it is more important to activate a marketing strategy that involves LinkedIn. Similarly, to target students, Facebook would be a wrong platform and it would be more effective to use Instagram. Therefore, understanding where your audience helps you in understanding how to best approach them.

3. Ethical & Compassionate Marketing

During this pandemic more than ever, it is of significance to stay true to our moral compass and not try to exploit the crisis as a beneficial business strategy. It is disgraceful to stoop to the standard of using this pandemic as a strategy or marketing opportunity to grow a business which would not exist without the pandemic itself. Such a strategy is not a sustainable success but might backfire to hurt your brand itself.

Today is the time for humanitarian responsibilities and to develop strategies that not only give back to the society but also creates awareness regarding the pandemic. Being a marketer, there is a huge audience that can be reached which helps in changing the course of the misinformation by spreading awareness from authentic sources. It is also important to know that if your business involves essential needs or products of utmost importance, marketing of the same should be done wisely and with compassion.

4. Inform & Engage

Informational posts related to COVID-19 have a greater engagement rate. As mentioned above, creating awareness is not only a moral duty but also helps in creating engagement and profiting your clients as a marketer. COVID has become an extremely searched term, helping them reach a larger audience through informational content. 

This content can include sharing useful tips from official and authentic sources, updates on your business and how your industry has been affected by the pandemic, and how your firm and your industry is coping with these drastic changes. Keeping a positive and compassionate emotion and feel to your content helps you build a brand that will be a sustainable success.

There you go! 4 simple and actionable tips that we can follow to survive as a marketer or marketing business in the COVID’19 pandemic.

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