How 45 Days of Meditation Doubled my Productivity

Not everyone can achieve inner peace like Poo from KungFu Panda by balancing a water droplet in the middle of a fight for the world. But a good alternative is meditation. It’s not only one of the most tried and tested methods to increase productivity and improve performance, but it also helps you become less anxious in these abnormal times.

This pandemic has not only taken a toll on our physical health but also our mental and emotional health. It is now, more than ever, so very important to achieve a sense of calm while you work in order to be productive. The mental stress caused by the pandemic, the economic downfall and the feeling of helplessness caused by not knowing when things will move back to normal is your worst enemy. The one thing that can truly keep you healthy and keep you going in times like these is meditation.

45 days of meditation has made me exponentially more productive, to be exact it has almost doubled my productivity, by improving my physical and mental well-being. Meditation has numerous benefits and it is a #Challenge that you should take, instead of eating tide pods to go viral. Have a look at some of these benefits that I realised:

Improved Health & Immune System

One thing this pandemic has made clear is the importance of a good immune system. It is not only essential for, well, *survival* but also to be physically healthy to go about your day in a more productive and stress-free manner. Meditation helps in reducing blood pressure levels and mindful meditation has been clinically tested to prove better immunity. A healthy body will always lead to a healthy mind which will help you perform better.

Memory & Concentration Enhancement

Meditation helps in increasing the blood flow to the brain which leads to a stronger network of blood vessels in the cerebral cortex which improves memory, concentration, and learning. Not only does it show astounding results for all age groups, but it is also particularly helpful for those who work in professional jobs that require a lot of concentration and attention to detail.

Controls Addictions & Impulses

Meditation, naturally and consistently, stimulates the brain’s happiness centre, i.e, the prefrontal cortex, which by intoxication is temporarily stimulated during the High (the “fix”), and goes incredibly under-active during Withdrawal (the “crash”). Meditation might really be the new Corona (the beer, what else did you think?).

Reduces Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety is a state of mind that is connected to an inability to regulate or control your emotional responses when you feel threatened. This is when there exists a perceived threat, and a situation where there might be no threat at all. (So, maybe your crazy significant other is not crazy, just anxious. Share this blog and ask them to meditate. Don’t share it with your boss, he might actually be threatened by your work ethic or lack thereof.) 

Meditation helps in the activation of the anterior cingulate cortex, the area of the brain involved with executive function and the control of worrying. It helps you relax and soothe your anxiety. It also helps you calm down and deal with your personal and professional life’s stress better.

Better Sleep & Diet

Meditation regulates the Pineal Gland which releases the dreamtime chemical, also known as melatonin. Meditating will help you in effectively re-balancing all the biological markers for a natural deep stage REM sleep. This will help you wake up fresh and maybe avoid the extra three cups of coffee in the morning. It will help you then have a better daily schedule and food habits.

Laser-Like Focus

Compared to non-meditators, meditators have more stability in their ventral posteromedial cortex (vPMC), the region linked to spontaneous thoughts and mind-wandering. Less your mind wanders, the more you will focus on the task at hand. This will help you control your thoughts and multi-task to do your work better. With the increased energy levels, your laser-like focus will help you not only rejuvenate your interest in work but also give you stellar results in terms of productivity. Maybe your boss won’t fire you after all, now that meditation is improving your work ethic.

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