Conventional Degrees, Unconventional Careers

We are all feeling closed off to opportunities because of the ever-growing competition for the handful of jobs the market provides. And now more than ever since this pandemic is causing the economy to slow down further. Reports suggest that it will still take around a year for the employment scenario in the country to recover. What do you really do when there is such a major lack of opportunities around?
Well, here’s a thought. Start it online! Whether it is a professional service or just a passionate hobby, the digital space provides you with endless opportunities and a vast audience.

I’m sure you’re wondering how is it possible to do that? How can you take a professional course such as engineering or law that you are studying or have a degree in, and turn it into an online profitable business? Any information that you possess in a niche field can help you grow a business online and that’s the beauty of it. 

All you really need to build a business or even earn a six-figure income is simply- a laptop, a phone, an idea and a stable internet connection. So if you are an engineering, medical or a law student unable to find your true calling in a corporate cubicle, you should consider the following options and build on what you are truly passionate about. And the best part is, you can do more than one and build your own virtual empire!

But, before we jump into the mediums of expression you can look at, you need a story. A story that doesn’t just add to the noise on the internet but provides solutions and paves the way to a better world. For instance, this blog is aimed at improving the lives of its readers, that is you, by providing you with not only career tips but also inspirational stories, productivity talks and life mantras to have a sustainable personal and professional life.

Once you have your story, that is, the main theme around which your content will revolve, it is time for you to pick out your route:


1. Blogger or Content Writer

Let’s start off by considering the most viable option that requires nothing more than a basic knowledge of your content theme and an ability to put it out in words. The common mistake people make is to think that blogging is just a grandpa putting up age-old ideas on the internet through the written word. 

Blogging and Content Writing is one of the most diverse and dynamic online businesses you can build. It is not limited to writing about trending topics or putting your opinions on worldly things. Blogs can range from anything you are passionate and enthusiastic about, to anything you were or are being taught in your class. 

Due to the vast customisation provided by blog making, you can choose your own format, medium and theme. If you are a law student, you will notice that there are a lot of areas of law that can be written about and you can make a blog to tap into a niche market. In a similar manner, if you are someone with an expertise in marketing or brand development, your blog can be centred around providing marketing solutions and eventually building your own Digital Marketing Agency.

However, if regular blogging seems to be a step too far, you can take a step back and engage in freelance content writing. This includes writing occasionally for someone else’s blog, page or account. Content Writing as a field does not require you to write long posts and rant on topics you are not interested in. Content Writing also includes writing for advertisement or digital marketing agencies which require short and crisp messaging. 

Content Repurposing is also an opportunity to make quick bucks by turning one type of content into various different pieces of content. For example, a Content Repurposer would take content from this blog, turn it into a YouTube Video, Podcast, Micro Blogs or even into content for Social Media.

2. Online Course Maker

Now this is something that you can of course do for yourself but considering the increasing need for educational institutes to go online and teach, you can do it for others too.

If writing isn’t really your medium of choice and you incline towards a more visual impact to the story you want to tell, online courses are the perfect medium for you to grow a business online. In a world which is starting to heavily rely on online education, creating online courses and organizing webinars can be the source of a great income. 

These courses can be centred around what you are passionate about but also what provides solutions to the problems that people face in their day-to-day lives. Online Courses needn’t be your be-all and end-all. These can be coupled with workshops, retreats, blog articles, newspaper or magazine columns.

And if you don’t have a course idea for yourself ready, approach a school or a tuition class around, and tell them you can do it for them. You’ll be nothing but surprised looking at how many people around you need it. 

3. Social Media Influencer

If you are a person not keen on reading, writing or creating courses, the options above can seem monotonous and might not suit your personality. If you are one of those people who isn’t afraid of being the face of their own brand, becoming an influencer is one the most growing fields on social media. A huge myth about being a Social Media Influencers is that you need to be a model or have to advertise a product. Busted!
A Social Media Influencer is anyone who imparts knowledge and influences masses towards a better life. This could refer to productivity coaches, wellness coaches or even religious gurus. 

Your best asset is your professional knowledge in your field and you can convert that into content for social media. This can range from vlogging your days as a professional to, creating informative videos that share your computer screen as you record your tutorial. You can expand your horizons to all social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so many more.


4. Podcaster

Social Media Influencing can seem daunting to some (including me). If you feel uncomfortable with yourself as the sole brand image, but blogging is too old school, podcasting is the way to go! Podcasts are digital audio files and feel like a conversation that can be heard anywhere, anytime. All you really need to start your own podcast is only your phone. Record and upload any piece of content that you feel would be a great piece of advice or a conversation that is interesting and leads to a conclusion to a trend, your podcast is ready.


5. Online Store Owner

Don’t be disheartened if you feel that you have a different form of expression. If you feel you are better suited at other arts or that you have a keen business sense, starting your own online store might be the best way to use your skills. Tell your story through your online store and what motivates you to sell and give your customer the best experience that they deserve.

If you are great at graphic designing or you wish to learn and use it, there are a lot of online stores that let you sell your designs on-demand with a great cut of the sale going directly in your pocket. You can grow your store to sell various other products and your quirky designs would fit in amazingly with any online store hiring designers with a fresh taste. 



6. Social Media Manager

And lastly, if your story is one of helping others and sitting on the sidelines, cheering them on, you are perfectly suited to become a Social Media Manager. A high-paying job that lets you do exactly what you want, watch the digital space expand and conquer it.
With a minimal amount of training, you can study analytics and trends and help your employer or co-founder reach a vast audience while you manage their content and boost the business.

There you have it. 6 ways to tell your story online, and build a business while you’re at it. 

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