4 Simple Tweaks for a More Interactive & Engaging Website

Imagine sitting in a group and all your friends are talking about this one person you know nothing about. What do you do? You sneak a peek at their Instagram or Facebook profile and update yourself so that you can be a part of the conversation too. What Instagram in today’s world is to a person, a website is to a company.

Your website is usually the first point of contact between you and your need-based audience. Having a website that is not only attractive and eye-pleasing but also interactive is very necessary. Just like your Instagram account, your website too needs to be engaging and should be able to create a two-way communication.

There are so many time-consuming methods out there which will require you to pay some serious bills to your web developer. So, we have created a curated list of just small tweaks that you can make on your website to give your customers not only a more interactive but a wholesome experience. After all, the customer is king (or queen).


  1. Chatbots: Chatbots are a quick, efficient and timeless method of providing an interactive customer experience through your website. Not only do Chatbots work 24/7 to answer your client’s queries and stay readily available to help your customers, but they also reduce any wait time in the communication between you and an interested potential customer.

2. Programmed Advertising: This algorithm is the key to an extremely engaging website. Programmed advertising allows you to target a certain audience and buy as inventories which target this audience. Your target group through this algorithm can be an extremely wide demographic or strike at an interest-based demographic to see not just increased engagement but also a multifold growth in conversions from your website.

3. A Visual Take: From QR Scanners to reverse image searches, the visual take on technology is a game-changer and when tapped into as a strategy to increase traffic, can do wonders for your website. Social Media apps, Digital Payment apps and phone camera scanners used to pay online are assets to not only making the customer experience better but also more engaging.

The start of Google Lens has revolutionised online purchasing. For example, if a person were to scan an image of a specific medicine, the search results would direct them to your pharmaceutical website’s store which will make it easy for them purchase the said medicine from you. This makes your website more interactive and responsive to SEO.

4. Voice Search: You have probably heard of or used voice search technology such as Siri, Alexa or simply OK Google for Google searches. Providing the option of voice search makes it easier for customers of a higher age group to have easy access to your website. Voice to text technology has never been better and is improving each day. From home automation to simply asking about the weather, this feature can make your website stand out and help in facilitating a consumer experience like never before.

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